What is the fascination with Casey Anthony?  One 96-year-old grandmother in Alabama was so fixated; she knew the names of Casey’s entire family, the defense team, the witnesses and prosecutors.   The Nielsen ratings demonstrated clearly that millions of Americans spent hour upon hour of their own precious lives watching this tragic scenario unfold.  But why?

Some say it’s because Caylee Anthony was a pretty little girl…her mom slightly sexy…and white.  An ugly child or an ugly mother or a minority would not get the same attention, they argue.  Maybe so.  It probably did contribute to media coverage.  Visual and sexy are two important criteria for television.  Storms are perfect as are accidents and people moving about in all sorts of ways.  Thinking doesn’t play well on TV.  Neither does nobility or thoughtfulness.  Rash, erratic behavior…boorish rudeness…aggression….overt sexuality.  These look good on camera.

It certainly was the common denominator with the media obsession over Natalee Holloway, La Crosse beauty Yeardley Love…Nicole Smith and Scott & Laci Peterson.  It might explain why they got media attention, but it doesn’t explain why we watched it.   Why did we watch it?  Why did we devote hours of our own lives…hours we can never reclaim on the OJ trial? 

Is it uplifting to the soul?  Does it make us smile?   Do we come back into our own reality feeling better?  Does it challenge the intellect?   Does it make us grateful?  Does it encourage us to achieve?  Does it energize or motivate?

It does none of these.  Watching the Casey Anthony saga or any other tabloid tail is a squandering of your life.  It is a misdirection of your mental energies.  Gambling drains precious financial resources causing you to neglect paying your bills.   Inordinate amounts of time spent watching this kind of coverage drains other precious resources; your time and your attention.  The amount you have of that is finite.  It can never be reclaimed.  While children or spouses or friends or needy neighbors or responsible citizenship or just plain hard work clamor for us, we blithely turn to the screen, seemingly paying no price, or at least, none we can feel in the moment.

One has only to visit the homes of America’s Founding Fathers to be amazed at their accomplishments.  Thomas Jefferson was an inventor….Benjamin Franklin, the Ambassador to France, developed a printing press, founded the U.S. Post Office, invented electricity, the kite, and the Franklin Stove.  In his spare time he helped write the Constitution and found the United States of America.  George Washington was a surveyor and horticulturalist.  Many wrote books, learned astronomy, French, Latin, and Greek while they were already busy adults. 

What will future generations say of us?  Will they remember all we accomplished or the hours we spent motionless, living vicariously thru the tawdry lives of others?

Did the great men of our past write noble things and think noble thoughts by accident?  No.  It is undeniable that we become what we surround and saturate our minds with.  Advertising executives know this well.  So do Leftist educators who have given us a generation of people who reflect the propaganda of their textbooks.  Long time hostages can come to think and act like their captors.   Imbibing pornographic images can cause men to act upon and think thoughts they would not otherwise have entertained.  Romance novels find their power in stirring up female fantasies, destroying marriages that in other generations might have been saved.  It matters what we read and see and listen to.

We are not forced to absorb such banality.  We choose to absorb it.  And we can choose not to.  Americans are obsessed with diet.  They understand that processed foods, carbohydrates and sugars make them fat.  They don’t seem to understand that taking things into the mind without discipline produces fat, sluggish minds.  Bad content produces bad results.  And we can change both.  We know how to discipline our bodies so how about our minds?

 Ben Franklin actually formed a “Young Men’s Society” for the purpose of achieving character.  Members worked toward obtaining one attribute at a time; honesty…generosity…humility.  You can imagine it was an uphill battle, but it was, at least, up hill. 

Casey Anthony’s story is tragic, but it is not important to all of us who are strangers.  Turn the television off realizing that each moment that remains is precious.

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The Patent Truth

A radical overhaul of the U.S. Patent system is rapidly approaching.   S23 passed 95-5 in the Senate in January and HR 1249 seems to be on track to be called in the House in the next few days.   And now suddenly there is pushback.  Congressmen are confused.  Staffers are confused.  The public is largely unaware and the pressure is on…from someone…somewhere to get this sweeping overhaul passed quickly.
How does one navigate a position on this?  Harry Reid, Pat Leahy, Orrin Hatch, Lamar Smith, and Eric Cantor sing the bill’s praises.  So do President Obama and Gary Locke.  International corporations like Intel and Google are eager for its passage.  Smaller companies and entrepreneurs fiercely oppose.  James Sensenbrenner, Dana Rohrbacher and Phyllis Schlafly claim it is blatantly unconstitutional.  Patent attorneys paid by multinational corporations swear it is not.  Given the confusion, which side does one take when one must take one?


What is the rush?  If the bill is as good as proponents claim, can’t it withstand a bit more scrutiny?  Didn’t we recoil as a nation when the healthcare bill was pushed through Congress without careful scrutiny?

Since it is multi-national corporations pushing this, what is their motive?  Is it concern over producing more American jobs?  Building the domestic economy?  Or will their ability to lay claim on patents more easily allow these global giants to give away American superiority in invention to the Chinese in return for market access?
Should Congress be concerned that passage of HR 1249 will allow corporations like G.E. and Microsoft (major backers of 1249) to dominate the U.S. patent process as never before, freezing out thousands of small inventors from a process that has made the U.S. the leader in innovation for the past 200 years?  Opponents of the bill warn “yes!”


Several Congressmen have signed a letter requesting a review of the constitutionally of HR1249. What is their motive?  Will they become rich by the challenge?  Is there any personal gain?

Patent attorneys paid by international conglomerates are eloquent in their emphatic declaration that HR1249 is constitutional.  They assure us Article I Section 8 doesn’t really mean the “first to invent” gets the patent, but instead actually means the “first to file” the papers. Trouble is, in spite of their explanations, there is enough historical evidence on the matter to prove the opposite.  Chief Justice John Roberts, writing June 6th the 7-2-majority opinion on a patent challenge stated this, “Since 1790 the patent law has operated on the premise that rights in an invention belong to the inventor.”

Anyone interpreting Article I Section 8 and the subsequent decisions of 1790 differently will eventually have to make their case to the current justices when HR1249 is inevitably challenged in court; And to the Tea Party to whom constitutionality is a preeminent issue.


Is there real danger from China on this bill? In a letter to Speaker John Boehner in April of this year, the Inventors Network of the Capital Area, a group of entrepreneur inventors, wrote the following:

“We are deeply concerned that the proposed ‘first to file’ provision has an overlooked but unusually dangerous defect that seriously threatens our national defense… Under the ‘first to file’ provision of H.R. 1249, Chinese hackers who steal U.S. R& D secrets can easily become the very first to file U.S. application patents covering those technology secrets and thereby own that new technology even in the U.S., instead of now just being able to copy it in China.”

The Chinese have been able to copy much of what we have, but they don’t create it. Already, GE, headed by Obama Jobs Council Chief Jeffrey Emmelt, has turned over many GE patents and technology to China in return for entry into the Chinese Market.

In 2007 when a similar “patent reform bill” was being considered by the House, Yongshun Cheng, Senior Judge of Beijing’s High Peoples Court said, “the bill is friendlier to the infringers (China) than to the patentees…this is not bad news for developing countries.”

General Electric has already signed agreements making available to the Red Chinese important patent and trade secret information, which they possess. Microsoft is now building a new invention/technology complex in China. And China is demanding this intellectual property information from U.S. corporations as a condition of trade.

Do we seriously think the Chinese have American jobs in mind as they enter these agreements?

Awareness of these troubling truths may make a decision on this patent reform bill not so confusing after all.

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Why are John Conyers and Lamar Smith, Patrick Leahy and Orrin Hatch teaming up in support of the Patent Reform Bill?  The bill will kill innovation, cost American jobs, rob inventors of their ideas and give the Chinese carte blanche to legally take what they have been roundly stealing.  It will put America at risk not only economically, but also from potential theft of weapons systems, chemical formulas and defense technologies that have so far kept us safe.

Why would Republicans and Democrats alike rally around a bill detrimental to America?  If Republicans are the purported defenders of Constitutional integrity and Democrats the alleged party of the common man, why would they jointly promote legislation in opposition to the Constitution that takes from the “poor” and hands to the “rich?”  Why are leaders of both parties working at cross-purposes on this devastating Patent Reform Bill?

There IS a problem in the U.S. Patent system.  It currently takes an average of four years for a patent to be approved.  The patent office is understaffed with thousands of patents backlogged.  By the time they see daylight, many inventions are obsolete…their moment of opportunity lost.

But should the entire-unique-to-the-world American patent system, “first to invent” not “first to file,” codified in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution by the Founding Fathers before they ever wrote in rights to free religious expression or press, be disregarded and “harmonized” to that of Europe to accomplish that?  The answer is emphatically “no!” 

Every member of Congress should be concerned that passage of HR 1249 will allow large global corporations like G.E. and Microsoft (major backers of 1249) to dominate the U.S. patent process as never before, freezing out thousands of small inventors from a process that has made the U.S. the leader in innovation for the past 200 years. 

General Electric has already signed agreements making available to the Red Chinese important patent and trade secret information, which they possess.  Microsoft is now building a new invention/technology complex in China. And China is demanding this intellectual property information from U.S. corporations as a condition of trade.

Eager to do business with China, these corporations along with others are based in congressional districts and states where Senators and Congressmen on both sides of the aisle… who happen to represent those districts… just happen to have been persuaded to support the bill.

 Ordinary citizens are reeling from the loss of jobs and industry.  But wonderful ideas still germinate in the fertile soil of American Freedom.  No other country can boast or compete with that.  But they can steal it.  And if the new Patent Reform Bill is passed with our unique “first to invent” system replaced with the failed European model, it will reward only global businesses and the politicians who do their bidding.

America must stop this bill.  Now.  While the rest of us were worrying about losing jobs and savings, with the support of Democrats and Republicans alike, this job-killing monolith soared through the Senate 95-5, then passed the House Judiciary Committee with only three Republicans dissenting.

When China began opening up to Capitalism, the Chicago Tribune did a fascinating article on a wealthy Chinese businessman who had come to the U.S. to learn how ethics played a role in American business practices.  The Chinese system was not functioning well because of the lack of trust or honesty.   He felt strongly that America stood in contrast…at least historically… having woven in its early years a deep commitment to high standards of conduct from Judeo-Christian values. 

In his book, “Age of Delirium: The Decline and Fall of the Soviet Union,” Russian expert David Satter observed the same thing.  Satter wrote that capitalism in the former Soviet Union without values created chaos and provided economic rewards only for those who sought wealth without regard to the effect on their countrymen.

Post-Modern America likes to think it has outgrown the strong principles of the past, but it has not.  Selfish gain without regard for the good of the whole is a certain way to destroy a country.  The oligarchs stripped Russia of its natural resources.  Politicians and businessmen alike joined in that endeavor and it wasn’t until former KGB leader Putin marched in eradicating freedoms that they were stopped. Freedom can’t exist in a vacuum and neither can Capitalism.

We are right to support “big business.”  They are one of the crown jewels of America.  They provide jobs, billions of tax dollars to support the economy, and charitable contributions that enrich us all.  But they are not always right. And when they step over the line, they must be stopped.  It is the job of Congress to guard and protect the American people…not do the bidding of major corporations.

Republicans and Democrats SHOULD be bedfellows on HB 1249.  They should roll over together to defeat it.  And as we pull back the covers on this very un-American, unconstitutional bill, we hope they will!

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“Islamophobic!  Ignorant!”  cried two Imams recently on their way to an Islamophobia conference.  Two Memphis clerics, dressed in Muslim garb were removed from a flight because, according to the pilot, the passengers were “uncomfortable.”  Forty- eight hours later, dozens of news stories decried the injustice of it all while only one reported that a cleric had gone into the airplane bathroom for an extended period of time and departed leaving apparent damage.   

No news report reminded readers that Osama Bin Laden had been killed less than a week before or that the cry for vengeance was subsequently ringing out.  None of those news reports spoke of daily demonstrations since his death with chants of “USA you will pay! Muslims are on their way!”  No mention of Muslims holding signs saying “Democracy burn in hell!”  or “Muslims will annihilate the Crusade!”  It was the passengers and pilot who showed ignorance, not the press clueless to the context.

The American people get the dangers of Islam.  Radicalism not withstanding, they instinctively know Islam is trouble in nearly every country it inhabits: Kuwait…Iraq…Egypt…Sudan…Somalia…Iran…Yemen…Libya…Indonesia…Philippines.  The common denominator that brings violence, murder, chaos, beheadings, revenge and brutality toward women is the teaching of Islam.  The so-called “radical” elements of the teaching are deeply imbedded in the Islamic text…not just a mention…but a mantra to kill or conquer:

Qur’an 8:12:  Your Lord inspired the angels with the message:  I am with you.  Give firmness to the believers.  I will terrorize the unbelievers.  Therefore smite them on their necks and every joint and incapacitate them.  Strike off their heads and cut off each of their fingers and toes.

Even as they are assured of how “peaceful” Islam is, actions speak louder than words and the American people get it. The elites in Washington and the press don’t; nor do the elites in Hollywood or the studios of New York.  They shame and scold all who would express concern.  They cluck their tongues in derision at those who would issue a warning.  But the American people….full of common sense and a strong ability to smell truth when it wafts their way, are not fooled.

Republican Presidential contender Herman Cain courageously declared he would not appoint a Muslim who adhered to Sharia  (Muslim law) to a cabinet post or judgeship.  He’s being roundly condemned for his Islamophobia. 

Islam is our goal…The Prophet Mohammed our leader…The Qur’an is our constitution….Jihad is our way   And death in the way of Allah is our promised end.”

That is the motto of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Suhail Kahn, the son of the American founder can be seen on videotape proudly reciting it.  Incomprehensibly, he was once a former member of the Bush Administration who, because of that misguided decision, still holds positions of prestige in DC.   And those who question his loyalties are called Islamophobic by Washington leaders because they object to giving him a place of honor or trust.  The Washington establishment…media…government…military…FBI…Justice…seem to have gone mad.

Rather than admit their mistakes, they dig in their heels and insist on their superior intellect at providing defense for the indefensible.  As we speak, the Justice Department under Eric Holder has determined prosecuting the mistreatment of Muslims one of the department’s highest priorities.  Filled with attorneys who previously provided defense for Islamic terrorists, including the Attorney General himself, the department has become a barely disguised arm of the Jihad movement, even if some of the attorneys themselves are merely the ignorant pawns.

The FBI is recruiting for agents in Jihad-friendly publications while pumping its agents with constant admonitions to eschew “Islamophobia.”  Islamic men in full garb are invited to FBI Citizen academies to learn methods of investigation, carrying prayer rugs and retreating into secured buildings at designated times to offer their prayers.   Agents dare not complain for complaining is, of course, Islamophobic.

While brilliantly prosecuting the fight against Islamic terrorism, leaders in the Pentagon, expressing that same “broad-minded” intelligence have appointed radical Islamists to high positions in the Chaplain program, built Islamic Centers at Quantico and West Point, and threatened and fired loyal Americans for merely expressing concern.  Anyone doubting the gravity of these situations has only to remember Major Nidal Hassan…allowed to rant and spew hate while “counseling” returning soldiers…eventually shooting and killing fourteen of them.  An isolated case?  Emphatically “no!”  Consider the following:

  • American Abdurahman Alamoudi, serving a 23 yr year prison sentence on federal terrorism charges, hand picked Muslim military chaplains still serving.
  • Guantanamo Chaplain, Army Captain James “Yousef” Yee was accused of mishandling classified information with Gitmo prisoners.  His predecessor was a Wahhabi-trained chaplain, promoted personally by Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England, to a higher position of influence.
  • Five Muslim soldiers were overheard discussing poisoning the food supply at Ft. Jackson in 2009.  The army downplayed the incident and later dismissed four of them on what they said were “petty crimes.” 
  • The “09 Lima” translator program recruited Muslims from the Arab world, brought them to America to train alongside our soldiers and offered them an accelerated path to citizenship.  Several federal translators have since been charged with espionage-related crimes.

And yet we are told that any caution on our part…any fear for our safety as well as that of our families and friends is silly ignorance:  Islamophobia.

Other elites bludgeon with invocations of First Amendment rights or the Constitutional Clause espousing “no religious test.”  But Islam is not a religion like Christianity or Buddhism or Judaism.  It is a political system…a banking system…a legal system that seamlessly imposes itself over any existing social norm or law or practice in any society in which it thrives.

CAIR Chairman Omar M. Ahmad expressed it best to a group of California Muslims in July 1998:

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant.  The Koran…should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.”

And in the words of mass-murdering-Islamic-traitor, Major Nidal Hassan, “We love death more than you love life!”

Given the facts, Islamophobia is the only rational response to what we have seen and experienced as Americans.  If so-called “Moderate Muslims” want acceptance, they will have to shed Sharia and swear loyalty to this country.  Anything less will continue to breed rightful suspicion and common sense self-preservation.

While Washington, Hollywood and New York elites cluck and preen, we, the American people will not be fooled nor intimidated by foolish arrogance that could lead to the destruction of this country.  Islamophobia is the only rational response and we will act on it accordingly.

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“We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles!” said Thomas Edison in 1879 during his first public demonstration of the incandescent light bulb.  And he did.  That young boy, born poor, radically changed the world so that people everywhere could afford light and heat and power devices that expanded capabilities beyond their wildest dreams.

When Orville and Wilbur Wright were 7 and 11, their father bought them a toy “helicopter” based on an invention by French aeronautical pioneer, Alphonse Penaud.  Using cork, bamboo, paper and a rubber band, it captured the imagination of these young sons of a minister, and led them to the unthinkable…man in flight.

After his mother tragically lost her hearing, Alexander Graham Bell of Boston found a passion to help the deaf.   In pursuit of that quest, he slowly, painstakingly, invented the first telephone.  Who can imagine the thrill as he accidentally spoke his first transmitted words into that crude device, “Mr. Watson!  Come here, I want you!”

These are just three of thousands of stories of early American inventors who coupled ideas with passion and changed the world. Eli Whitney and the cotton gin…Henry Ford with the automobile…regular citizens with brilliant minds…revolutionizing the future because they could.

America provided fertile soil for creativity, so much so that within thirteen years of its first patent law, She had surpassed Great Britain in the number of new inventions with a population half its size.  And by 1865 the number of patents were triple that of King George.

How did this happen?  According to historians, it was no accident.  As the Founding Fathers studied existing patent law, they discovered statutes that gave advantage only to the wealthy, not to the small entrepreneur.   One can only imagine Ben Franklin, frowning through his spectacles as he pondered what might happen to his kite and other inventions if not protected by law.

So…what they birthed was a unique system, embedded in our constitution inventors have enjoyed for 250 years: First to invent, not first to file.  The first to invent would get credit, not the first one to rush to a bureaucratic  office and file a piece of paper. That was what unleashed innovation and created jobs.

Now Senator Patrick Leahy and the Obama Administration along with multi-national corporations have a better idea.  They want to “reform” US Patent law so that it “harmonizes” with the world community.  They want to change our system from a “First to Invent” to a “First to File.”  In other words…anyone who can co-opt the ideas of an inventor and pay the cash can take the credit and reap the rewards.

While Congress has been drowning in a Tsunami of wars mixed with budget and healthcare, forces are at work behind the scene to pass a “reform” bill that will detrimentally affect inventors, entrepreneurs, job creation and hand American innovation to large corporate interests and certainly China.  Only this time, the theft will be legal.

While the loss of manufacturing jobs has dealt a blow to our economy, we have not lost our ability to innovate and create.  The Chinese have been able to copy much of what we have but they don’t create it.   Already, GE, headed by Obama Jobs Council Chief Jeffrey Emmelt, has turned over many GE patents and technology to China in return for entry into the Chinese market.  In 2007 when a similar “Patent reform bill” was being considered by the House, Yoongshun Cheng, Senior Judge of Beijing’s High Peoples Court said, “the bill is friendlier to infringers (China) than to Patentees. This is not bad news.” The Chinese get iteven if some of our Congressmen dont!

SB 23 passed by an overwhelming majority of what undoubtedly were uninformed Senators. Now HR 1249, with the encouragement of companies like IBM, Microsoft, Dell and others, has been introduced by Congressman Lamar Alexander and could be called for a vote at any time.  But the voices of America’s inventors are crying to be heard!

Steve Perlman who won the Academy Award for Special Effects for the film, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” and whose work is found in all Macs, iPhones, iPods and iPads is pleading with Congress to listen.  In a report submitted to Senator Barbara Boxer in February of 2011, he cites the unbearable cost to small inventors; $20-30,000 for each and every change or nuance to an invention and the addition of a “Post –Grant Review.”

Current inventors are given a grace period to perfect their inventions and try to obtain financial backing.  The new bill would replace that with a European-style post-grant challenge, adding untenable financial burdens in defense of one’s own ideas. Or as Phyllis Schlafly eloquently puts it, “replacing first-to-invent plus grace period with first-to-file plus litigation. “  It’s not hard to see who would prevail in this environment.

“But worse than anything, S.23 undermines the uniquely American process of invention.  It casually sweeps aside established paradigms that have successfully fueled the engine of innovation in America since its founding, and demonstrably fuels it today.  We don’t want American innovation to be like that of other countries.  We want America to continue to be the world’s mecca for invention,” wrote Perlman, President and CEO of Rearden, OnLive and MOVA.

Henry R. Nothhaft, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and CEO for more than 35 years, says, “This change will cripple job creation in the United States and lead to even more economic advancement from our overseas competitors.“

Some of the GOP leadership favor this bill too.  With the potential loss of jobs and inevitable deathblow to innovation, they must not be paying attention.

The voices of Edison and Bell, Wright and Ford are crying out.  Don’t put a stake in the heart of American innovation and job creation.  Say “no!” to this patent reform bill!

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“It’s time to get even” declares a union letter to Wisconsin Teachers, and an April 5th election for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court could be their chance for revenge.

 Less than two weeks ago Governor Scott Walker and the Republican Assembly signed a law changing collective bargaining rules for Public Sector unions in an attempt to save the state from financial ruin.  Other states are considering similar measures and unions are panicking.

For days, protestors stormed the Wisconsin capitol, inflicting thousands of dollars of damage and a good deal of shame on union supporters which they brashly sought to impute to elected officials who opposed them. “Shame!  Shame! Shame!”  They chanted as they stormed the capitol and even the chambers, banging drums.  They broke thru windows, wrote on historic columns and left their mark in more ways than one.

Democratic legislators deserted their duties and fled to Illinois to prevent a simple vote.  In spite of that, after amending the language, Republicans were able to thwart their efforts and vote on the bill by limiting the ability of public sector union workers to collectively bargain for anything except salary.  But most alarming to the unions, was the provision to cease state collection of union dues thru paycheck withdrawals so that unions will be forced to collect directly from their membership.   You would think thousands of zealous union supporters could be trusted to pay their dues without coercion, but evidently not.  And since those coerced dollars go to fund candidates in sympathy with unions, that dance will be over…the flow of money stopped.

Republican legislators and their Governor received death threats.  Lots of death threats.  State Representative Michelle Litjens was told after casting her vote she was “f…..king…dead”  not by a protestor, but by her Democratic seat mate,  Rep. Gordon Hintz.          .

As a result of the vote, nearly 100,000 protestors descended again on the capitol in outrage.  They broke in windows, overwhelmed police and basically had their way once again with the facility.  “This is what democracy looks like!”  they chanted. 

Only products of the American school system and their leftist teachers could have shown such ignorance.  The Intercollegiate Studies Institute just released the results of a civic literacy test given to more than 28,000 college students showing that the  products of these union educators know almost nothing about their government.  In a multiple choice test, “Less than half knew about federalism, judicial review, the Declaration of Independence, the Gettysburg Address and NATO…  Ten percent thought ‘we hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal’ was from the Communist Manifesto,”  reported Richard Brake, co-chairman of ISI’s Civic Literacy BoardVaulted Harvard grads did no better, scoring a resounding D for their efforts. 

And on the heels of “that’s what democracy looks like” from the Wisconsin mob, other forms of that kind of “democracy” seem to be taking place.  Last week Judge Maryann Sumi issued a restraining order on implementation of the controversial law, exercising authority she does not have, using a law that does not apply.   Taking her cues from the disappearing legislators, she left for vacation until the end of March. Even though most agree her ruling will be overturned, it does stop the process of enforcement and reports from Wisconsin are that unions are quickly making bargaining deals in an effort to get all they can before enforcement really takes place;   chaotic, rule-free, democracy at its best.

Now comes the “get even” moment.  An election on April 5th could prove to be the determiner of it all.  Justice David Prosser is up for retention.  A twelve-year veteran of the court, Justice Prosser was a Republican Leader of the Wisconsin House in a former life and served in the legislator for eighteen years.   Although the race is non-partisan, he is of course, a Republican and a conservative.  His opponent, Assistant Attorney General, Joanne Kloppenburg is his polar opposite.  In news articles, she’s described as a non-partisan woman of the people, but by those who know better, a radical of radicals.  The American Federation of Teachers, Local 212 must know something because they sent out this letter:

“…on April 5 we will continue the process of defending our college and taking back our state from Walker and the anti-union ideologues who presently control it.  Local 212 COPE has endorsed Joanne Kloppenburg for Wisconsin Supreme Court. 

All Supreme Court elections are important but this one will have immediate impact on the capability of unions to survive Walker’s attempt to destroy us.

Many of the legal challenges to the bill stripping public employees of their collective bargaining rights will end up in Wisconsin Supreme Court.   

The makeup of the Supreme Court is currently 4—3 in favor of anti-union justices.  A Kloppenburg victory would swing the balance to our side.

A vote for Prosser is a vote for Walker.

It’s time to get even.  Vote Kloppenburg on April 5th.”

Three million dollars have been pumped into Kloppenburg’s campaign and ads are currently pummeling Justice Prosser.  And the unions WILL turn out the statewide vote on April 5th.  

Last election they told us “elections have consequences.”  Now their motto has changed to “It’s time to get even. “   This is what democracy looks like to the Left.  No wonder our Founding Fathers warned us about it.

— Sandy Rios

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There was an interesting article in the Chicago Tribune just days after Barack Obama’s inauguration.  Published on January 14, 2009, Peter Wallsten entitled it “Obama’s Team 2.0.”  In that article, Wallsten described a freshly minted version of President Obama’s campaign machine morphing itself into the new “Obama 2.0.”  The millions of dollars and volunteers left from the aftermath of his cash-glutted presidential run would be tasked to organize in every state and every congressional district.  The purpose was not only to move the president’s political agenda, but also to punish Democrats who did not fall in line.  Democrats reportedly feared this new organization and others were questioning its dangerous potential.  No other president in the history of the United States had ever set about to establish his own personal power in this way.

Wallsten took it further.  He described plans to deliver goods and services and aid in disaster relief…all in the name of Barack Obama.  This was a new model of power and influence in the West but long familiar to our brethren in the Middle East.

Much of that money and those people did indeed make their way to a new organization which swiftly changed its name to Organizing for America.  Anyone doubting it’s connection to the president has only to access one of its web addresses:  mybarackobama.com 

 Organizing for America has been a steady presence in Madison, Wisconsin.  And this is their report on Saturday’s massive welcoming to the fourteen democratic senators who returned after three weeks hiding in Illinois, refusing to come to Madison for a vote:

“This is what democracy looks like!” the people are chanting and clapping with a pretty awesome beat. This is very real and it’s happening now. Friends, allies, workers, we’re all here at the capitol in Madison in the fight for our rights. The spirit inside and out of the packed building are filled with faces showing all ranges of emotions…”

There was no mention of that “range of emotion” that included hate.

Death threats to Wisconsin Republican Governor, Scott Walker, and his party’s eighteen Senators have been direct and unambiguous.   They are numerous and specific and they are coming from protestors in sympathy with union protestors connected to the President of the United States.  But the President is silent…Organizing for America is silent and so have been NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, CNN, the New York Times, and most major media.

These are excerpts from an e-mail sent March 9 to Republican Senators:

“Read below for …possible scenarios in which you will die…I hope you have a good time in hell…we have planned…to put…a nice little bullet in your head… I as well as many others know where you and your family live…we wouldn’t leave it there….we have also built several bombs…placed in various locations around the areas in which we know that you frequent…that includes your house, your car, the state capitol, and well, I won’t tell you all of them because that’s just no fun…we will “get rid of” (in which I mean kill) you….Please make your peace with God as soon as possible and say goodbye to your loved ones….YOU WILL DIE!!!” 

Only two months ago, President Barack Obama, Senator Dick Durbin and these same media outlets were clamoring for civility after the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords by a deranged gunman.  Many accused Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and conservative radio hosts of creating the atmosphere that caused the shooting.  Palin’s greatest sin was placing a gun crosshair over “targeted” districts.  The Tea Party’s guilt came from claiming the Obama Healthcare Plan establishes “death panels”.…which it does. 

Nancy Pelosi wept on the House floor months before the shooting, expressing her deep concern about the loss of civil discourse by the Tea Party.  A mad rush ensued to comply with these new sensitivities to harsh rhetoric.

Yet when protestors in Madison began to call Scott Walker Hitler and Khadafy, and call for his death openly, it was ignored.  The President’s first remarks were to claim the union was being “assaulted.”  Earlier statements during the campaign made clear his solidarity with labor unions: most notably the purple thugs of the Service Employees International Union to whom he pledged undying loyalty.

Hamas and Hezbollah are famous for gaining power through providing practical help and humanitarian aid to citizens who are later called upon to further their deeper, more dangerous agenda.   

Teachers…laborers…and sympathetic farmers beware.  Organizing for America, the SEIU, the NEA and many of America’s labor unions have more on their mind than accomplishing your concerns… and more in common with the violence and intimidation of Hamas than with protecting “workers.”

You will rue the day you fancied you were being mistreated by losing your ability to quibble over benefits.   For we will all live in the midst of ruin if they prevail. 

— Sandy Rios

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“It was wonderful! You should have been there!  It’s just like the Sixties!”  A Wisconsin teacher reported effusively to my friend, another Wisconsin schoolteacher.  The first was referring, of course, to the dramatic shutdown of state government and the overrun of the capitol in Madison, Wisconsin, by thousands of union members and their allies.  The second had chosen to actually stay home and show up to teach.  Duty over rebellion.  How un-sixties-like.

 As University of Wisconsin grad, Ted Hamm, stood to speak on behalf of the teachers, long hair flowing, it WAS like stepping back in time.   It’s an era many baby boomers look on fondly…the days of their youth.  Certain songs trigger in them memories of marijuana and LSD.  Others chuckle at the thought of anti-war demonstrations, flowers-in-their-hair, bell-bottomed pants and personal sexual freedom.

 Others remember the truth.  The Sixties were a time of unbridled self-indulgence; a spoiled generation turned loose on the world to be the rotten young adults they had become.   Selfish…indulgent…rebellious…without respect or responsibility, chanting profound slogans like “Make love, not war!” and “Give peace a chance.”  “Sex, drugs and rock and roll” was really the only one that captured their intent.  They didn’t want war because it required sacrifice and they only wanted peace because they thought it translated to more unbridled sex and drugs.

Still others were serious as hell itself about their rebellion.  They folded themselves among the silly sheep and led them nearly successfully to the abyss.  They were the William Ayerses and Bernadine Dorns who actively sought the “violent overthrow of the United States government” through the Weather Underground.

We came back from that abyss, but some of that era never figured out what had happened.  Those are the ones who look back fondly on their part of it.  Others continued down the path to subversion with more stealth.

Many entered the workforce as teachers.  And not long after, began to demand “workers rights.”  This was code for another movement we once understood to be dangerous…communism.  The Eastern European communists worked through labor unions as did Mao in China to stir up the people, pitting them against one other, sowing seeds of discord and eventually working among them in order to take power.  “Workers of the world, unite!” was their battle cry and it became the battle cry of American unions as well.

To say the demonstrations in Madison are like the Sixties is “right on, man!”  Willing sheep led by canny shepherds…flaunting rules that don’t please them, like showing up for work as teachers or legislators and writing fraudulent prescriptions to achieve their own ends….very Sixties-like indeed.

Facing a $3.6 billion budget deficit, Governor Scott Walker is asking that teachers contribute 5.8% to their pensions and 12.6% to their healthcare; Far less than private sector workers pay at a time when many would give anything to be gainfully employed or insured.  But the union can’t be constrained by such logic.  Like spoiled children, or intentional subversives, they will not be denied their “rights” even if it means the destruction of their state and of the economic future of taxpayers who must bear the burden.

According to the Democratic Party press releases, eagerly stoking the flames, Governor Scott Walker and the GOP are “assaulting working families” …”trying to end the ability of workers to organize for good wages and benefits”…  “hurting workers” … “singling out one group for punishment”….”inflicting burdens on those hurt most by the recession.” 

Only a formerly drug-induced hippy could believe such statements, but then again, the teacher’s unions are full of them.

It’s like the Sixties, all right.  And we’d better recognize the dangers of that before it’s too late.  Adult hippies carried their irresponsibility into family life, creating the highest divorce rate and most neglected children in America’s history.  They have wrecked the family and the public school with the help of schoolbook architects like William Ayres writing curricula to control minds and persuade America’s youth to their perverse thinking.

If they have their way,  they WILL destroy the United States of America.  And having their way, is what this spoiled generation is in the business of getting.

I have a solution.  Let’s break the teacher’s unions, abolish the Department of Education and turn schools back to the control of state governments.  Let’s allow private and charter and home schools to flourish with the money we have saved.  Let’s establish national basic standards in science, math, English and history with a huge emphasis on American civics and turn states loose to add the rest.

Let’s free teachers to teach…make administrators and teachers partners again with parents who have been marginalized by the undermining of parental rights.  Let’s restore discipline and responsibility to students and parents alike.  Let’s give rewards to states that academically perform best on the world stage.  Let’s let teachers contribute to their own political causes and stop forcing them to give their money to efforts they philosophically oppose. 

And as this retro-glimpse takes us back into the Sixties, let’s eradicate any fondness for it….forever!

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With the constant invocation of  “what would Reagan do,” the amnesia about what he actually did do and say about conservatism is amazing.  In the midst of a grand celebration of Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday, many Republicans rush to claim his name while ignoring his principles.    Reagan worked tirelessly to coalesce social, economic and national defense conservatives and when he succeeded he won big.  It wasn’t a political tactic to him.  It was congruous with clear thinking and the resulting success came not by contrivance but by nature.

But some people who claim his legacy seem to have forgotten. 

Washington Insiders have successfully convinced the Tea Party movement to stick to lower taxes and smaller government.  The social issues will divide us, the Wise Men of the Beltway advise.  But will lower taxes and smaller government alone save the Republic? 

It is difficult to explain to a culture rapidly forgetting its foundation why that foundation matters.  While churches and schools have left instruction in Western Civilization behind, the recipients of its strong underpinnings float aimlessly trying to redefine the definite and ignore the irrefutable.  And here it is:

Western Civilization in general and America in particular was built on Judeo-Christian values.  Those values shaped every area of life from government to finance to family.  They brought order to all three.

Government was no longer top-down, but of the people.  People were free to “pursue happiness” in part by choosing their own work.  Judeo-Christian teaching taught them to work hard, make and keep contracts, treat employees fairly, pay an honest day’s wage, and keep their word.  Prosperity followed from those foundational principles.  It wasn’t the first time.   In the fourth century, St. Augustine observed Christians becoming prosperous by following these new principles…then falling away seduced by their own success. 

The moral foundations of Judeo-Christianity created boundaries in which strong families could be built.  Stable families brought prosperity and success.  Obedient children were productive and helpful.  Wives were free to take care of home and personal interests, made secure by faithful husbands who in turn entered the workplace able to concentrate on the tasks at hand.  Businesses were built, wealth created and the “pursuit of happiness” made possible by moral restraint.

As those values have unraveled, so has the order.  Single parent homes have become fertile soil for poverty, crime and violence.  Faithlessness in marriage has produced whole scale divorce and unruly children.  Money once pursued to support family has instead been channeled to attorneys leaving parents and children impoverished. Disease and death have resulted from unrestrained sex between heterosexuals and homosexuals alike producing skyrocketing medical costs.   Too many men are distracted; searching for satisfaction in the endless pursuit of sex partners or internet images while lonely, often angry women leave their children to fill the family void with video games, pop icons and texting.  Children left to themselves are experimenting ever earlier with all kinds of sex, encouraged by web sites, media, and consenting-by-abstentia parents. 

At the same time, America is mortgaged to the hilt, dangerously in debt and teetering on the brink of financial ruin.  But somehow lower tax, smaller government champions don’t see the connection.  They want order in finance but not in morality. 

Social conservatives don’t lobby to end abortion while ignoring the national debt.  And they don’t advocate limiting marriage to one man and woman while ignoring bailouts and the mortgage crisis.  They understand what Reagan understood; there is a seamless thread binding it all.

A few years after Ronald Reagan stepped down, the concept of the “big tent” came into being.  Pro-choice Republicans were actively recruited.  The Party Leadership wanted power without principle.  Ironically, they did not invite labor unions or higher tax advocates clearly understanding their purposes were at odds.

Log Cabin Republicans were the first openly “gay” group to try their luck in the Grand Old Party.  Encouraged by the Bush administration, they were given unrivaled access to the White House.  The Tent was growing.  Homosexual voters would now become supporters of the Republican Party.

Ironically, Log Cabin Republicans loudly withdrew their support for President Bush once he publicly favored a Federal Marriage Amendment.  So much for party loyalty and so much for the big, meaningless, tent.

“Go-Proud “ is the latest endeavor into the fray.  Supporters of open homosexuality in the military and hate crimes, they have a prominent place at the influential, DC gathering known as CPAC and other once clear-thinking conservative organizations.  To further make the point, “Go-Proud” issued a release blasting potential Presidential contender, Tim Pawlenty, for his opposition to gays in the military. 

Many groups and individuals have withdrawn from CPAC for this embrace, understanding that while individual homosexuals may be conservative and welcome in the party, organizations formed around gay advocacy are at odds with the moral principles that bring sanity and clarity to it all.

Order in government…order in finance…and order in the family produce solid foundations upon which wealth and happiness are both attainable.  Ronald Reagan understood that.  And if we are going to claim his legacy, so should we.

Sandy Rios

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