“It’s time to get even” declares a union letter to Wisconsin Teachers, and an April 5th election for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court could be their chance for revenge.

 Less than two weeks ago Governor Scott Walker and the Republican Assembly signed a law changing collective bargaining rules for Public Sector unions in an attempt to save the state from financial ruin.  Other states are considering similar measures and unions are panicking.

For days, protestors stormed the Wisconsin capitol, inflicting thousands of dollars of damage and a good deal of shame on union supporters which they brashly sought to impute to elected officials who opposed them. “Shame!  Shame! Shame!”  They chanted as they stormed the capitol and even the chambers, banging drums.  They broke thru windows, wrote on historic columns and left their mark in more ways than one.

Democratic legislators deserted their duties and fled to Illinois to prevent a simple vote.  In spite of that, after amending the language, Republicans were able to thwart their efforts and vote on the bill by limiting the ability of public sector union workers to collectively bargain for anything except salary.  But most alarming to the unions, was the provision to cease state collection of union dues thru paycheck withdrawals so that unions will be forced to collect directly from their membership.   You would think thousands of zealous union supporters could be trusted to pay their dues without coercion, but evidently not.  And since those coerced dollars go to fund candidates in sympathy with unions, that dance will be over…the flow of money stopped.

Republican legislators and their Governor received death threats.  Lots of death threats.  State Representative Michelle Litjens was told after casting her vote she was “f…..king…dead”  not by a protestor, but by her Democratic seat mate,  Rep. Gordon Hintz.          .

As a result of the vote, nearly 100,000 protestors descended again on the capitol in outrage.  They broke in windows, overwhelmed police and basically had their way once again with the facility.  “This is what democracy looks like!”  they chanted. 

Only products of the American school system and their leftist teachers could have shown such ignorance.  The Intercollegiate Studies Institute just released the results of a civic literacy test given to more than 28,000 college students showing that the  products of these union educators know almost nothing about their government.  In a multiple choice test, “Less than half knew about federalism, judicial review, the Declaration of Independence, the Gettysburg Address and NATO…  Ten percent thought ‘we hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal’ was from the Communist Manifesto,”  reported Richard Brake, co-chairman of ISI’s Civic Literacy BoardVaulted Harvard grads did no better, scoring a resounding D for their efforts. 

And on the heels of “that’s what democracy looks like” from the Wisconsin mob, other forms of that kind of “democracy” seem to be taking place.  Last week Judge Maryann Sumi issued a restraining order on implementation of the controversial law, exercising authority she does not have, using a law that does not apply.   Taking her cues from the disappearing legislators, she left for vacation until the end of March. Even though most agree her ruling will be overturned, it does stop the process of enforcement and reports from Wisconsin are that unions are quickly making bargaining deals in an effort to get all they can before enforcement really takes place;   chaotic, rule-free, democracy at its best.

Now comes the “get even” moment.  An election on April 5th could prove to be the determiner of it all.  Justice David Prosser is up for retention.  A twelve-year veteran of the court, Justice Prosser was a Republican Leader of the Wisconsin House in a former life and served in the legislator for eighteen years.   Although the race is non-partisan, he is of course, a Republican and a conservative.  His opponent, Assistant Attorney General, Joanne Kloppenburg is his polar opposite.  In news articles, she’s described as a non-partisan woman of the people, but by those who know better, a radical of radicals.  The American Federation of Teachers, Local 212 must know something because they sent out this letter:

“…on April 5 we will continue the process of defending our college and taking back our state from Walker and the anti-union ideologues who presently control it.  Local 212 COPE has endorsed Joanne Kloppenburg for Wisconsin Supreme Court. 

All Supreme Court elections are important but this one will have immediate impact on the capability of unions to survive Walker’s attempt to destroy us.

Many of the legal challenges to the bill stripping public employees of their collective bargaining rights will end up in Wisconsin Supreme Court.   

The makeup of the Supreme Court is currently 4—3 in favor of anti-union justices.  A Kloppenburg victory would swing the balance to our side.

A vote for Prosser is a vote for Walker.

It’s time to get even.  Vote Kloppenburg on April 5th.”

Three million dollars have been pumped into Kloppenburg’s campaign and ads are currently pummeling Justice Prosser.  And the unions WILL turn out the statewide vote on April 5th.  

Last election they told us “elections have consequences.”  Now their motto has changed to “It’s time to get even. “   This is what democracy looks like to the Left.  No wonder our Founding Fathers warned us about it.

— Sandy Rios

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3 Responses to IT’S TIME TO GET EVEN

  1. Jim Simpson says:

    Sandy does anyone even know about this election? This is the first I have heard. They better get on the ball!

  2. Born free says:

    The negative network TV ads about judge Prosser are keeping people informed. So far I haven’t seen any sort of supportive ads for Prosser although there have been some for Jeff Stone the candidate for Milwaukee Co. Executive. Of course the negative ads tie both Prosser and Stone to Gov. Walker. Probably the same union sponsored ad company doing the ads.

    I watched the debate between Prosser and Kloppenburg last night which took place at Marquett University. Kloppenburg is clueless and totally lost without a monitor to read from. Sound familiar? Prosser skated thru each question with intelligence and facts while Kloppenburg grabbed at straws and at times was unable to resist using the very words appearing in her scripted campaign ads. She prefers that people see her as impartial yet as Prosser pointed out her entire career has been advocating. No wonder she’s so clueless!

    If she’s the best the liberals have for a candidate for judge then there is no mistaking that kinship for a genuine George Soros Secretary Of State Project operation.

  3. Sandy says:

    What a shame that the teachers have to be brainwashed by their union leaders, Richard Trumka and, of all people, Michael Moore who certainly refused to hire union people for his last film and the likes of George Soros who wants so badly tear this nation apart. All I can say is what a shame. I Will definitely be voting on April 5th for the best candidate. What a horrible thought that people influenced by the above mentioned are teaching our children and grandchildren.

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