There was an interesting article in the Chicago Tribune just days after Barack Obama’s inauguration.  Published on January 14, 2009, Peter Wallsten entitled it “Obama’s Team 2.0.”  In that article, Wallsten described a freshly minted version of President Obama’s campaign machine morphing itself into the new “Obama 2.0.”  The millions of dollars and volunteers left from the aftermath of his cash-glutted presidential run would be tasked to organize in every state and every congressional district.  The purpose was not only to move the president’s political agenda, but also to punish Democrats who did not fall in line.  Democrats reportedly feared this new organization and others were questioning its dangerous potential.  No other president in the history of the United States had ever set about to establish his own personal power in this way.

Wallsten took it further.  He described plans to deliver goods and services and aid in disaster relief…all in the name of Barack Obama.  This was a new model of power and influence in the West but long familiar to our brethren in the Middle East.

Much of that money and those people did indeed make their way to a new organization which swiftly changed its name to Organizing for America.  Anyone doubting it’s connection to the president has only to access one of its web addresses: 

 Organizing for America has been a steady presence in Madison, Wisconsin.  And this is their report on Saturday’s massive welcoming to the fourteen democratic senators who returned after three weeks hiding in Illinois, refusing to come to Madison for a vote:

“This is what democracy looks like!” the people are chanting and clapping with a pretty awesome beat. This is very real and it’s happening now. Friends, allies, workers, we’re all here at the capitol in Madison in the fight for our rights. The spirit inside and out of the packed building are filled with faces showing all ranges of emotions…”

There was no mention of that “range of emotion” that included hate.

Death threats to Wisconsin Republican Governor, Scott Walker, and his party’s eighteen Senators have been direct and unambiguous.   They are numerous and specific and they are coming from protestors in sympathy with union protestors connected to the President of the United States.  But the President is silent…Organizing for America is silent and so have been NBC, CBS, ABC, NPR, CNN, the New York Times, and most major media.

These are excerpts from an e-mail sent March 9 to Republican Senators:

“Read below for …possible scenarios in which you will die…I hope you have a good time in hell…we have planned…to put…a nice little bullet in your head… I as well as many others know where you and your family live…we wouldn’t leave it there….we have also built several bombs…placed in various locations around the areas in which we know that you frequent…that includes your house, your car, the state capitol, and well, I won’t tell you all of them because that’s just no fun…we will “get rid of” (in which I mean kill) you….Please make your peace with God as soon as possible and say goodbye to your loved ones….YOU WILL DIE!!!” 

Only two months ago, President Barack Obama, Senator Dick Durbin and these same media outlets were clamoring for civility after the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords by a deranged gunman.  Many accused Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and conservative radio hosts of creating the atmosphere that caused the shooting.  Palin’s greatest sin was placing a gun crosshair over “targeted” districts.  The Tea Party’s guilt came from claiming the Obama Healthcare Plan establishes “death panels”.…which it does. 

Nancy Pelosi wept on the House floor months before the shooting, expressing her deep concern about the loss of civil discourse by the Tea Party.  A mad rush ensued to comply with these new sensitivities to harsh rhetoric.

Yet when protestors in Madison began to call Scott Walker Hitler and Khadafy, and call for his death openly, it was ignored.  The President’s first remarks were to claim the union was being “assaulted.”  Earlier statements during the campaign made clear his solidarity with labor unions: most notably the purple thugs of the Service Employees International Union to whom he pledged undying loyalty.

Hamas and Hezbollah are famous for gaining power through providing practical help and humanitarian aid to citizens who are later called upon to further their deeper, more dangerous agenda.   

Teachers…laborers…and sympathetic farmers beware.  Organizing for America, the SEIU, the NEA and many of America’s labor unions have more on their mind than accomplishing your concerns… and more in common with the violence and intimidation of Hamas than with protecting “workers.”

You will rue the day you fancied you were being mistreated by losing your ability to quibble over benefits.   For we will all live in the midst of ruin if they prevail. 

— Sandy Rios

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  1. Glenn says:

    I can certainly understand why illegal immigrants find this administration to their liking, but I wonder why many Americans go along with the drival that our president and his crew ( Pelosi, Durbin, Biden, Reed etc ) spew. They seem to forget how countries like Cuba and Venezuela lost all their freedoms to great orators with no substance. I can only hope for my children and grandchildren that someone emerges like Ronald Reagan to get our country back on the track our founders planned before we end up owing everything to people who are bent on our demise.

  2. David Sayre says:

    Excellent article…. As a young man back in about 1978… my godson asked me if I wanted to come to his picket line. On strike his Union was picketing a local factory. I had never attended a picket before, and thought it would be “cool”.

    In less than an hour there, I was shocked by the hate filled talk, threats, degraded name calling…. I began to think the only thing missing was the white sheets! I told my godson that I could never be part of such an organization, it was, not only incompatible with, but an antithesis of nearly everything my faith demanded of me. After watching the riots of Wisconsin… 33 years later, my opinion remains the same.

    About 7 or 8 years ago, a local “Firestone” factory in Des Moines went on strike. A few weeks into the strike, our Senator Tom Harking and his buddy Jessi Jackson Jr., came to speak to the strikers. The ensuing pep-talk incited a riot that required 4 law enforcement organizations to stop. Their loving activities that evening included such warm and cuddlie actions as throwing snowballs with glass and nails over the fence at replacement workers, just to name of few things. No one was arrested or charged. At the same time, two federal marshals were sitting 24/7 at the local Planned Parenthood to make sure some grandmother didn’t kneel down and pray a rosary. Oh well, I guess I’m just venting.

  3. John Hurst says:

    Bravo – Finally people are starting to tell it like it is and speak up! Bravo to you Sandy Rios and God bless.

  4. Velma says:

    Helpful submit, I look forward to updates of your stuff.

  5. Mike says:

    Couldn’t have said it better! We need another Reagan, BAD!

  6. Mike Clayton says:

    Please keep up the great work. We have to all try our best to get out the vote in 2012 to turn the country away from the direction it has been swayed. This next election is of the children and grandchildren of the US. We must all do our best to educate the people around us to the treacherous path we are on. People like yourself who so easily spread common sense are a joy to listen to. Please like I told Michelle Bachmann when I met her, please keep it up and I appreciate what you do.

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