Imagine you had to make a case against Ellen DeGeneres being the new spokesman for JCPenney. Ellen is charming and delightful…witty, warm and engaging. What’s not to like about Ellen DeGeneres? And yet for thousands…yeah millions of Penney’s customers it is an unsettling proposition.
American Family Association’s One Million Moms have said as much. In fact they’ve asked JCPenney to reconsider their choice of a spokesperson. They’ve launched a campaign to get Penney customers to tell the retailer how they feel. But thousands are fighting back, including the new CEO of Penneys, former Apple executive, Ron Johnson who said, “I think Ellen is someone we all trust. She’s loveable, likeable, honest and funny, but at her soul, we trust her.” On-line petitions have sprung up sponsored by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination, GLAAD, in fierce defense of DeGeneres. It’s the intolerant Religious Right pitted against the affable and charming Ellen DeGeneres and really, on that basis it is a losing battle.
But this isn’t about Ellen’s winsome personality or her caring approach to her guests. It’s about the private choices she has publicly flaunted and the profound influence she has chiefly because of her charm and likeability. Openly lesbian, Ellen is “married” to her partner Portia Rossi. Militantly gay, DeGeneres has fought for homosexual rights including marriage and indoctrination in public schools.
Some scoff and laugh while others yawn at the backward demands of so narrow-minded a group as One Million Moms. But here is what is happening while America nods in acquiescence:
Kevin Jennings, founder of GLSEN and former Obama Safe Schools Czar was the keynote speaker at a state-sponsored workshop on March 25, 2000 at Tufts University. Massachusetts Department of Education employees described to students as young as twelve the pleasures of homosexual sex. Here is part of the transcript:
“Fisting [forcing one's entire hand into another person's rectum or vagina] often gets a bad rap [It's] an experience of letting somebody into your body that you want to be that close and intimate with…[and] to put you into an exploratory mode.”
In California public schools there are no longer barriers to bathrooms distinguished by gender. If a student “thinks” he is a girl, he can go to the girl’s bathroom. No textbook or teacher can mention marriage in traditional terms like “husband” and “wife” but must now use “partner” as the acceptable description.
In Minnesota, a battle is currently raging to allow teachers to propagate homosexuality, transgenderism and gay marriage openly in the classroom.
At Boston Children’s Hospital, a transgender clinic now administers medicine to pre-adolescent children as young as nine to stop puberty, later administering hormones to make boys into girls and girls in to boys. In the process, these kids are rendered infertile and readied for surgeries to alter and remove sex organs accordingly. The Dr. Mengele of the project, Dr. Norman Spack, was showcased in the Boston Globe while at the same time featured by a bondage and sado-masochism group, the New England Leather Alliance.
Young girls at a New England conference were shown videos of how to remove healthy breasts if they “feel” they should be boys.
School health classes are challenging students to consider whether they might be gay. One in Glen Ellyn, Illinois went so far as to suggest students try sex with a same sex friend to find out.
Parents are increasingly unable to object or opt out their children as young as kindergarten from participation in gay promotion from “Days of Silence” and “Transgender Days” to closed-door graphic orientations by homosexual students to children as young as fourteen.
This is what we’ve come to in the United States of America. And yet most of America yawns. How can that be?
Humans are capable of adjusting to almost anything. Soldiers freak out at the first sign of death, but are hardened by battle in due course. Women adjust to men who beat them…young girls to fathers who rage in a drunken stupor. Patty Hearst accustomed herself to the views of her Symbionese Liberation Army Captors. We can adjust to almost anything, but it doesn’t make that “anything” healthy, normal or right.
We have adjusted ourselves to the point of breaking on the issue of homosexuality. Through media we have invited what would have been unthinkable ten years ago into our own homes. We have opened our doors to deviancy and adjusted ourselves to the dark, foul draft. We send our children off to be indoctrinated by teachers indoctrinated themselves with homosexual advocacy by the National Education Association and declare our schools “safe.” We laugh at gay characters in sit-coms, reality and talk shows and have become so desensitized; we can no longer distinguish from personal affection for them and disapproval of how they live.
And so it is with Ellen DeGeneres. We like her and therefore cannot bring ourselves to condemn what she does or see any harm in her being the spokesperson for a company where America’s traditional families shop. We are incapable of making the distinction and so we open wide the gates and assure for ourselves the future homosexual activists have long written about, the complete eradication of the traditional family and the acceptance of any sexual choice anyone wants to make.
At least with Ellen we’ll have some laughs as we descend into moral chaos.

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