Defunding Planned Parenthood 9/18/2015

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Sandy Rios on Colmes VS

Sandy Rios at Values Voter Summit 2013

With Martha McCallum on America Live
Sandy debates Jehmu Greene regarding the Texas measure to limit abortions.

With Megyn Kelly on America Live
Megyn and Sandy discuss Bill Mahr's super PAC contributions and how they reflect on Barack Obama.

Sandy Rios on Hannity 4-16-2012
Discussing the liberal view of women.

The O'Reilly Factor 2/6/2012:
Discussing objections to Ellen DeGeneres as JC Penny spokesperson

America Live with Megyn Kelly 2/3/2012:
The Komen Foundation reinstates Support for Planed Parenthood

America Live with Megyn Kelly 2/2/2012:
The Komen Foundation withdraws Support for Planed Parenthood

O'Reilly Factor - Fox News 1/27/2012:
MSNBC Lets go Pat Buchanan

Fox News - Happening Now, 9/1/2011
Re: Childrens Clothing

Fox News, 8/2/2011
Re: Free Birth Control

With Bill O'Reilly - Fox News:
Regarding Mavericks Who May Run in 2012

With Megyn Kelly - Fox News:

With Bill O'Reilly - Fox News:

Joliet Tea Party Part 1:

Joliet Tea Party Part 2:

With Bill Maher: